Money Isn't Priority, He'll Tell You What Is

Money Isn't Priority, He'll Tell You What Is

Thank you @mariobfit for joining us on episode 11 of the @underdog_brand podcast, Behind the Underdogs!

It’s a story you want to hear on a podcast like this. He explains in the interview how he'd much rather fail at something he's passionate about and that when it comes down to money and passion, you have to choose passion every time.

“Money isn’t my priority anymore.”

Instead, he chose something he loves.

Listen to episode 11 on all platforms to hear his full story on how he left a steady job to pursue a career in fitness⚡️

P.S. ~ @nolimitcunningham is currently in Naples, Florida if you were curious about why he’s wearing sunglasses...

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🎥 Episode 11 // Choosing Your Passion Over a Paycheck Featuring Mario Beltran

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