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Driven by Passion

Most people have a vision, a dream, or a goal, that seems to most to be impossible. Our goal as a brand is to empower the underdogs. Fight against the odds, rise up, and accomplish your wildest dreams. We are a brand of believers. We are underdogs. 

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The Rebirth Collection

This collection is The Underdog Brand reborn. A new logo, new look, and new style. The Rebirth Collection is solely meant to represent the individual who rises up after being defeated, hence Rebirth. It represents a second chance. It represents the underdogs who keep getting back up when it seems like the only option is to quit. Introducing, Rebirth.

Behind the Underdogs Podcast

In this episode of Behind the Underdogs, we discuss an underdog story, breaking down what we think made/makes this person so special.

This particular story, Tom Brady, is one that we all have some sort of familiarity with. He's a living legend. Period. But some character traits really define him and make him the athlete that he is today.
On this episode, Joey Stanizzi, Colin Cunningham, and Dylan Schuett interview Mario Beltran, head strength coach and aspiring national champion in Olympic weightlifting. He left a stable job to pursue his passions in the fitness industry and he hasn't looked back since.
On this episode, Joey Stanizzi, Colin Cunningham, and Dylan Schuett Interview Austin Burge, an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who has an unmatched drive and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding.