Underdog Welcomes Mavrick Rizy to the Family as Newest Sponsored Athlete

Underdog Welcomes Mavrick Rizy to the Family as Newest Sponsored Athlete

WORCESTER, MA – Underdog is excited to announce the sponsorship of Mavrick Rizy, the standout baseball player from Worcester Academy, a high end MLB prospect, who is on his way to LSU next year, a testament to his potential and hard work. In line with our mission to empower the relentless and determined underdogs, we are proud to support Mavrick’s pursuit of excellence.

"When I'm training for 3+ hours per day, I need sustained energy," said Mavrick Rizy. "UD Energy really does give me the long-lasting smooth focus and energy to get me through even the toughest days of training, with excess energy for the rest of my day."

Mavrick’s commitment to his sport is unwavering, much like the steady and enduring energy he finds with UD Energy. Our flagship product is designed to prevent the crash associated with other energy drinks, providing a sustained release of energy that is critical for athletes like Mavrick who push their limits daily.

"My goal for the next 3-5 years is to establish myself as a Major League player," Mavrick declares. This ambition is in perfect harmony with Underdog’s ethos of dreaming big and defying expectations. As Mavrick sets his sights on the highest echelons of baseball, we are committed to providing the supplemental backing he needs to turn those dreams into reality.

Underdog is more than a brand; it is a movement that supports and fuels athletes through the grueling demands of their sports and the realization of their aspirations. With UD Energy, Mavrick and countless others can sustain peak performance, making every training count towards their ultimate goal.

We invite you to join us in cheering on Mavrick as he takes his talent to the collegiate level and beyond. Follow his progress and the role of UD Energy in his success by connecting with us on social media and our website.

At Underdog, we don’t just sponsor athletes - we join their journey, celebrate their victories, and provide the fuel that powers their dreams.


Follow Mavrick Rizy: @mavrick.rizy on Instagram

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