Underdog Energy Shines at DEKA World Championships in Dallas as Official Energy Drink Sponsor

Underdog Energy Shines at DEKA World Championships in Dallas as Official Energy Drink Sponsor
Dallas, TX – [12/1 - 12/3]

This past weekend, Underdog Energy, a rising star in the energy drink sector, made a significant impact at the prestigious DEKA World Championships in Dallas, showcasing their commitment to fitness and healthy living.

As the official energy drink sponsor of DEKA Fit, Underdog Energy was at the heart of the action, engaging with an estimated 1,000 enthusiastic participants and spectators. The event, renowned for its rigorous fitness challenges, drew a diverse crowd, reflecting the growing interest in fitness and wellness across the country.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the impressive performance of Joey Stanizzi, CEO and Co-founder of Underdog Energy. Competing in the DEKA.Fit Ruck Division on Friday, Stanizzi secured a commendable 7th place finish, demonstrating the brand's ethos of resilience and determination.

In addition to supporting the event, Underdog Energy focused on fostering relationships with dozens of affiliate gyms present at the Championships. These interactions laid the groundwork for future collaborations, with the aim of bringing a clean, transparent drink option to gym members nationwide.

"Our presence at the DEKA World Championships was more than just a sponsorship," said Joey Stanizzi. "It was a demonstration of our commitment to the fitness community and our mission to offer a healthier, cleaner energy drink option. We are excited about the relationships we've started with affiliate gyms and look forward to bringing Underdog Energy to more fitness enthusiasts nationwide."

Underdog Energy's participation in the event underscores their dedication to promoting health and fitness. The brand's vision of clean energy aligns perfectly with the ethos of the DEKA community, making them a natural partner for such a high-profile fitness event.

About Underdog Energy:
Underdog Energy is a rapidly growing energy drink brand known for its clean, health-focused approach to energy. Founded by Joey Stanizzi and Dylan Schuett, the company is dedicated to offering products that support active and health-conscious lifestyles, especially serious athletes looking to level up their performance.

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