Underdog and NDB Fitness Join Forces to Elevate Fitness and Wellness

Underdog and NDB Fitness Join Forces to Elevate Fitness and Wellness

TEWKSBURY, MA – [1/25/2024] – In a significant move to enhance the health and wellness landscape, Underdog is excited to announce its latest partnership with NDB Fitness, an impactful gym based in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. This collaboration aligns two entities committed to fostering better health and well-being through innovative fitness practices and superior nutritional support.

Frank, the owner of NDB Fitness, expressed his connection with the Underdog story and the initiation of this promising collaboration. "During a DEKA call, I connected with Joey and his partner and saw their potential. I reached out to schedule a meeting to discuss our affiliate program further. Joey visited our studio and brought samples for us to taste. They were professional and answered all my questions, confirming the value of our affiliation. I'm excited about this affiliate journey and what 2024 holds," said Frank.

The mission of NDB Fitness resonates deeply with Underdog's values. Frank elaborated, "Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages to achieve optimal health, strength, and overall well-being, leading to a more fulfilling and joyful lifestyle. At our gym, we believe in making fitness enjoyable and accessible for everyone."

Proper nutrition and supplementation are crucial in the fitness journey of NDB Fitness clients. Frank emphasized, "Unlike other energy drinks, Underdog Energy Drinks contain no sugar or artificial flavors. Combining your customized diet plan with Underdog Energy will give you the perfect recipe for obtaining your athletic goals."

The partnership is a natural fit, according to Joey, CEO of Underdog. "We are constantly seeking new gym partners that are open to finding new ways to add value to their members. At the end of the day, gym owners and everyone at Underdog are on a common mission, striving to improve the health and well-being of all individuals."

Joey from Underdog shared his positive experience in forging this partnership. "Sometimes when meeting with gym owners or managers, they can be close-minded and shut down any opportunities, but that wasn't the case with Frank, the owner of NDB Fitness. For all the gyms I've interacted with, it makes it all worth it to partner with a gym like NDB. It's a true community that embodies our Underdog ethos, and I can't wait to continue the trek of changing members' experiences through effective, clean energy, something we could all use in our busy lives," he stated.

This partnership represents a shared vision of enhancing fitness experiences and promoting healthier lifestyles, underpinned by Underdog's innovative energy drinks and NDB Fitness's commitment to comprehensive well-being.

For more information about Underdog Energy, visit https://udenergy.shop.

For more information about NDB Fitness, visit https://ndbfitness.com/

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