UD Energy Amplifies the DEKA Fit Event at It Starts Here Fitness

UD Energy Amplifies the DEKA Fit Event at It Starts Here Fitness

[Warwick, October 7th, 2023] - Last weekend, fitness enthusiasts converged at It Starts Here Fitness for the much-anticipated DEKA Fit event, and UD Energy was there to ensure everyone stayed energized. As the official energy drink of DEKA Fit, UD Energy delighted attendees with free samples, amplifying the overall event experience.

The DEKA Fit event, known for its intense challenges and tight-knit community of athletes, found a perfect complement in UD Energy's invigorating formula. Attendees and participants alike were thrilled to refuel with UD Energy, making it an integral part of the day's festivities.

"We're thrilled to align with DEKA Fit and support the passionate community that comes together for these events," says Joey Stanizzi, CEO of Underdog. "Our energy drink is designed to offer a clean boost, ensuring participants can power through their challenges while feeling great."

The synergy between UD Energy and DEKA Fit was evident throughout the event. Athletes, after pushing their limits in DEKA's signature challenges, were seen recharging with UD Energy. As UD Energy continues to grow its presence in the fitness and sports community, this partnership with DEKA Fit and It Starts Here Fitness further solidifies its position as a leading choice for those seeking a healthier, effective energy boost.

About UD Energy:

UD Energy is a premium energy drink brand focused on delivering clean, effective energy to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. With a unique formula with natural flavors, UD Energy offers a boost without the jitters, ensuring peak performance during workouts, competitions, and daily life. For more information, visit www.udenergy.shop.

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