E12: Underdog Story - What Makes Tom Brady Great

E12: Underdog Story - What Makes Tom Brady Great
In this episode of Behind the Underdogs, we discuss an underdog story, breaking down what we think made/makes this person so special.

This particular story, Tom Brady, is one that we all have some sort of familiarity with. He's a living legend. Period. But some character traits really define him and make him the athlete that he is today.

One, is his elite resiliency. Despite all of the times throughout his playing career where the odds were stacked against him, he always seems to find his way above water, whether that's moving on from an 0-8 high school football team or coming back from a 28-3 deficit on the greatest stage.

Another, is his ability to find what works for HIM. Too many people try to copy others to reach greatness, but in reality, everyone has their own things that work for them. For example, some people like to get dialed in before a game and others prefer to be as loose as possible. In Brady's case, he adapted over the course of his career to compliment his playing style.

Two things that distinctively stand out: His attentiveness to the mental side of the game, and his unique physical training approach, using mostly bands.

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