Ideas On How To Stay Motivated

Ideas On How To Stay Motivated

This is the first video in our new YouTube segment called Underdog School of Thought where we take some of our communities answers to important general questions of self-development.

This week's question: Who or what motivates you and why?

Motivation is a difficult concept that a lot of people struggle with. Some people attain motivation for the wrong reasons like attaching it to something that is prone to change. An example would be only feeling motivated when someone doubts you. Proving people wrong is a great motivator but it shouldn't be your only drive because that motivation will come and go. Find something stable and grounded that will most likely always be there to create motivation. An example of this would be creating a better life for your family or the desire to be better than your role models. 

We hope you enjoyed our short video and got some ideas for your own self-development!

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