5. Finding a Way to Get Back Up With Leo Sammarelli

5. Finding a Way to Get Back Up With Leo Sammarelli

On this episode, Joey Stanizzi, Colin Cunningham, and Dylan Schuett discuss the topic of the day - what do we do when we lack motivation? From motivational videos to setting examples, the guys cover every aspect of motivation in their lives.

This episode's guest, Leo Sammarelli, former Golden Gloves champion, Provincial boxing champion, and National boxing champion, has the definition of an underdog story. Despite his quite successful early career in boxing, he faced a couple of major roadblocks that would destroy 99% of individuals. One, his father passed away. Two, a couple of years later he suffered a major spinal cord injury after being shot four times. Leo refused to give in. he now strives to become a Paralympian and created Westcoast Wheelchair Adaptive Boxing, a Non-profit Organization based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

You can follow him on Instagram @sammarelli and you can follow Westcoast Wheelchair @wwadaptiveboxing. Click here for a short documentary about him on YouTube! 

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