Our Mission

Founder - Joey Stanizzi

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Growing up in a blue collar family, envisioning goals that were far into the stratosphere of imagination were just that, imagination.

Ups, downs, doubters, haters, obstacles, and everything in between has been and is the part of every person's journey to the top of their aspired field. We create quotes for the brand’s Instagram because quotes can emotionally connect with people, whether it’s toughing it out through workouts, getting through a slump, not giving up, or my biggest driver, proving people wrong, hence "The Underdog Brand.” When no one believes, when no one sees the vision except you, that's your opportunity to prove people wrong and most importantly, prove yourself right.

I started The Underdog Brand to inspire everyone of all ages, capabilities, and backgrounds to go after whatever it is you aspire to have because the only thing separating us from our dreams is self-belief, a relentless work ethic, and persistence. It is time for the underdogs to rise up.