This Week's Underdog School of Thought - Connor Borkert

This Week's Underdog School of Thought - Connor Borkert
We now begin our Underdog School of Thought from episode 17 with @burlybork!

Here’s a little preview of who you’ll be listening to this week for our daily lessons.

In this episode, we interview rising star powerlifter, Connor Borkert, who brings serious knowledge and passion to the sport of powerlifting.

He credits the kickstart of his fitness career to crossfit, which he began doing during off-season training for track and field. He was also a wrestler in high school; however, he continued as a D1 javelin thrower at UPenn.

Fast forward to his junior year in college, he had his first meet as a powerlifter in the fall of 2017, and he's been climbing the ranks ever since.

Listen now to hear his plans for this year, the next 5 years, and everything in between.

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🎥 Episode 17 // Powerlifter Connor Borkert

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