Create Results to Create Your Momentum

Create Results to Create Your Momentum

When you start seeing results, it’s much easier to ride with it, but what’s really most important is starting.

If you want to see those results, you have to start. Too many people don’t start something because they know it’s a long road to get to the end goal. Don’t focus on the end goal. Focus on the little steps each day that will add up over time, resulting in the completion of an end goal.

The domino effect is very suitable for a topic like this.

You want to start getting up earlier? You need to discipline yourself and get into the habit of getting up early. Once you get in a habit, it’s easy to keep that momentum rolling. It can also go the other way. If you get in the habit of snoozing your alarm and getting up late, that momentum is going to be very hard to break. Choose your momentum...

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