Underdog Story of the Day - Bethany Hamilton

Underdog Story of the Day - Bethany Hamilton


At the young age of 13, the up and coming superstar in the surf world, Bethany Hamilton, endured a shark attack from a 14-foot tiger shark. 

Everyone believed it was the end of her promising career as a surfer but she had something different in mind.

Just one month after the shark attack, Bethany returned to the water, training in hopes of winning her first national title. 

Just two short years after the shark attack incident, Bethany went on to win her first national title. 

Through years of battling the restrictions of having one arm, at the age of 17, she finally accomplished her dream of turning pro.


A comeback like this can only be accomplished through belief in the process regardless of the roadblocks set in your way. If Bethany Hamilton expresses one thing, it’s that anything can be achieved with relentless determination. Her story relates to our next collection very well (No Passion, No Purpose). Without her passion for surfing, she felt useless, so she went after her passion regardless of her situation.


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