Underdog Welcomes NHL Player Jacob Bernard-Docker

Underdog Welcomes NHL Player Jacob Bernard-Docker

August 18, 2023 — Underdog, the dynamic and rapidly expanding start-up, is proud to announce the onboarding of NHL star Jacob Bernard-Docker as its latest investor. Jacob, renowned for his excellence on the ice, now joins our community to support and champion our mission off the ice.

"We're thrilled to have Jacob as part of the Underdog family," says Joey Stanizzi, founder and CEO of Underdog. "His dedication, resilience, and winning mentality in the NHL resonate with our brand values. Together, we're set to score big and redefine success in our domain."Jacob Bernard-Docker adds, "I've always been passionate about aligning with ventures that not only show promising growth but also reflect my personal and professional values. Underdog embodies that spirit, and I'm excited about our collaborative journey ahead."

With this new collaboration, Underdog further reinforces its commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth. It is a testament to the brand's unmatched potential in the market and its appeal to professionals across diverse fields.

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