Surround Yourself With the Right People with Jess Racz

Surround Yourself With the Right People with Jess Racz
In this episode, we interview coach Jess Racz who is a former basketball player and current basketball trainer working with NBA/WNBA, G-League, Pro, NCAA, and all the way down to the youth level.

She suffered an eating disorder and severe depression in high school going into college which hindered her ability to fulfill her dream of playing division 1 college basketball. While searching for a new passion, she found CrossFit, but shortly after,  herniated her L5-S1 and was out for 10 months. 

She was in a very dark place and that is when she decided to pursue the strength & conditioning and sports performance industry. To get there, she started mopping floors at 20 years old, opened up my own gym location at 23, and now is climbing the ranks of basketball performance training.


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