Be Patient on Your Trek To Greatness Featuring Austyn Richardson

Be Patient on Your Trek To Greatness Featuring Austyn Richardson



In this episode, we interview bodybuilder, Austyn Richardson.

At the ripe age of 24, Austyn still has a great deal of wisdom to share. He's changed the direction of his life multiple times, finally finding the direction suitable for himself. After quitting football senior year and delving into the party scene at Texas Tech, stopping training altogether and winding up getting arrested for public intoxication three times, he turned to bodybuilding to give himself purpose.

After watching his sister, an IFBB pro, up on stage for a show, he realized the direction he wanted to take his training, and it was to be up on that stage. The following year, he found himself competing in his first show, and in just a few years, he went from an undersized 195lb senior football player to a 285lb heavyweight bodybuilder.

We discuss his life before bodybuilding, where he is now, and where he wants to be. School was always on the back-burner, but now as a wiser man, he plans to return to engineering school to further develop himself as an individual.

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